Powder Coating using the CROMADEX Extra Life System

How to

The powder is applied to the object through an electrostatic gun, compressed runs through the powder coater pushing the powder through the gun where the electrode gives the powder a positive charge.
The object being coated is earthed so the positive powder particles is attracted.
The object is then baked at high temperatures to allow a chemical change to form a complete coat. the powder then sets to form a hard durable finish.

Depending on environment powder coat can leave a life expectancy of upto 12 years decorative appearance and 15 years corrosion protection.


  • Little or no wastage
  • contains no solvents
  • Emit no volatile organic compounds
  • produces less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings

What to

Powder coat can be applied to basically anything that can hold a small electrical charge, its usually used for coating metals.
Items inside such as lighting domestic appliances, curtain rails, radiators and externally including fencing, gates railings wheels motor bike/car parts and guttering.

Powders are capable of withstanding extreme environments.

Finishes available

  • Smooth
  • Texture
  • Leather
  • Stipple
  • Hammer
  • Metallic

Standard Colours and colour matching available